On this site you will find a comparison of the folders for 120 film I own. Most of them are rangefinders, but there are also other interesting models, like the only two folding TLR models ever built or some small cameras with interchangeable or retracting lenses. It's a personal choice, not a complete selection.

The different camera pages are accessible via a 120 film folders data comparison chart or a picture page without data.

Here is a comparison between tiny accessory shoe light meters and some hand held ones. And a little page about the rangefinders WataMeter and WataCombiMeter

This is the link to the mandatory contact page. There are other of my projects, one about instant photography, but it's under construction, one about using manual lenses on a Sony A7 and one about some very small 135 film cameras and half frame cameras.

These are my favorites. From left: Konica Pearl IV, Certo Super Sport Dolly C, Welta Perfekta, Konica Pearl III.